DJ K Yung Is The International Female DJ Shaking Up The Music Industry


DJ K Yung is a female DJ hailing from the Quad Cities (Illinois/Iowa). She was born in Seoul South Korea and adopted by parents from Minnesota. She is a guest on air mixer on The Drive on Shade 45 once a month on SiriusXM highlighting some of the best unknown and industry artists from the Midwest. She is the weekly mixshow DJ on SiriusXM FLY “House Party” every Wednesday from 5-7pm est on Channel 47 playing the best in hip hop, rap, and r&b from the 90's and 2000's.

Getting her start back in 2007, she became inspired to have a career in entertainment after a friend of hers tried out for Diddy’s “Making The Band” while in college. Watching from behind the scene intrigued her mind, and she never thought about doing anything outside of music.

Having such a diverse upbringing, K Yung draws influence from many places. When asked who are some of the DJ’s she looks up to she responded “I look up to a ton of DJs, locally and on a national industry level, its hard to just name names because I've been fortunate enough to have in some capacity a little engagement with some of my favorite DJs. I owe my career and start to St. Louis legend, DJ Scratch Master Dee who was the first dj to ever give me a chance.

DJ Dolla was a huge part of my career as he was the one who taught me how to mix, and DJ Powder, a female DJ, introduced me to radio. Those three deserve all the credit. Female DJs were a dime a dozen when I started, so I looked up to the Jazzy Joyce's, Cocoa Chanell's, DJ K-Sly, and a few other female DJs because at the time they were THEE ONE AND ONLY.”

What makes DJ K Yung so unique as a DJ is her original DJing style. She is a traditionally taught DJ who learned how to DJ on turntables and vinyl’s and over time learned how to evolve her skills as new advanced technology became available. She describes her style as “old school” because she is very much still a 2 channel mixers as today’s disco jockey’s generally use 4 channel controls. Determined to make a difference in the world through her raw talent she plans to show the music industry that women like herself can be major influences on all genre’s of music just like her male counterparts.

“We can break artists, records, build brands, be creative and trendsetters in this still male dominated business” stated Yung. I  want to show that a woman who owns her own music company can be a forced to be reckoned with and can stand toe to toe with anyone all the while not having to use sex to sell the fact that I am motivated, drive, and focused on being someone in the business.

As DJ K Yung is currently the “play by play” host for an international motorsports company and has been seen on a segment of “The Ellen Show”, NBCSports, and also heard on The Bradshaw Bunch she continues to take her talents to new heights one opportunity at a time. Being sponsored by Luc Belaire Champagne and Clique Vodka Atlanta her inflleunce is spreading far beyond just Djing. She is the Sr. A&R at The Stachehaus (KMG/Sony/The Orchard) and owns her own management, distribution, and music tech company called Local Traffic Only.

She has plans on expanding Local Traffic Only to a Latin division with her amazing team (Cory Ewing, DJ Reality, Rachel Vasquez, Hannah Rosenbaum, Bert Johnson, DJ Bryan Lee, Juan Vasquez, Ariana Savala). You can stay up to date with all things DJ K Yung by following her on social media @djkyung on twitter and instagram.


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