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Upcoming artist, EZF Johnny made his debut in the music industry at an early age with much influence coming from iconic legends he looked up to as a youngster. Creating his own unique style of music, Johnny embarked on a new journey, strategically executing successful music release strategies to capture attention at large. Growing up facing plenty of trials and tribulations, Johnny gained all the experience he needed to be not only successful but credible in the industry.

What first got you into music?

I've been around music all my life. From playing drums to listening to music my parents played in the car, to singing in plays in elementary and performing for talent shows and pep rallies at school. to doing that in early high school with rap battling and talent shows and dropping singles to impress my peers and even making a love song for a Romeo and Juliet project that everyone really liked and gave me my props. So it's been here for a while, but definitely playing drums at church and loving to listen to music I like gave me the edge I needed today.
Who inspired you to make music?
Biggie and 2pac but mostly 2pac inspired me more because when I wrote my raps and rapped it had an old-school type vibe, I was really inspired by them and studied their flow lyrics. I could say the person that gave me the assurance is Cordae. I went to his concert and I met him after, took a pic, and while he performed it just showed me that could be me too. So after that, I did a remix to his song “Pain away” and dropped it then started dropping music consistently
How would you describe the music you make?
The music I make is just versatile but it's just good vibes. You always feel just cool vibes from my songs. I also make catchy music that makes people want to go back and listen to the song over and over again
What is your creative process?
I just listen to the beat until I like it, over and over again it could be 50 times. Then I start to create a flow in my head that sounds good to me but that is also catchy and can sound like a hit or a really good song. Then I replace the flow with words that should go there, then I write and rehearse the song in my head and see if I want to change anything, and then I record.
What's the best advice I ever got?
Well for music advice, I'd say it's 2pacs advice. 2pac said rap for the women, make music for women or about women, women will sell your records, don't keep rapping about men stuff and streets and all of that. So 2pac gave that advice to biggie, biggie had a song called “Party and Bull-” and he went from making aggressive hype music to songs like “Big Poppa” which blew him up, and made him more successful and since then I've applied that theory and it works for sure. People like my regular songs but they really get in tune with my love songs, especially girls.
Who would you collab with?
I would love to collaborate with Gunna, Kendrick, J Cole, NBA Youngboy, Roddy ricch, and just any artist that has a good vibe and good intentions. I can collab with anyone as long as the music is decent
What's a message you would give to fans?
One message I'll tell my fans is to keep God first always, and then do what you do best. No matter how good you are at what you do or no matter how good of a person you are, people will always say something bad to say or not see your vision or doubt you, you can't worry about that, Put your mind to whatever you want and then you go work. It first an Idea in your brain, and then put it into action and you'll never fail
Favorite song to perform?
I'll say Bruce Deuce, that song is just crazy different. Different energy.
What musicians do you admire?
2pac, Biggie, 50 cent, Eminem, Pop smoke, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Gunna, Post Malone, Youngboy, the list goes on and on.
What's next for me?
Working on an album with my group 3ZF, and just getting songs done, and getting a lot of work done, and more music videos, and shows, etc. Just getting ready to shock Atlanta, and then the U.S., and then the world.

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